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Iran Publishers Guild : Members of Board

Second Circuit of IMPG

Mohsen Rajabpour

Managing Director

Managing Director of IPPG and Taraneh Sharghi Records

He began his music activity after fulfillment of high school. He started his work by distribution of music albums in Lalezar since 1990. After a while, he played an important role in the field of music market on those days in producing works like songs of Hamid Gholami , Mohamadreza Eyvazi, Amir Tajik, Mohamad Esfahani, and …Before these days, most Iranian music works were in traditional and folklore music and Rajabpour , by having different ideas and approaches, tried to introduce a new way in this relation. Rajabpour announced his presence officially by incorporating Taraneh Sharghi Company in 1999 as music producer.He took a huge action in the history of Iranian pop music by establishment music band at the presence of girls and boys and The Arian Band Band surprised public by its first album under the name of “sun flower”.
Managing Director of IPPG and Taraneh Sharghi Records

Amirabbas Setayeshgar


Chairman of Board and Managing Direcotor of PHM Records

Graduated in Bachelor of Music from Tehran Sooreh University / PhD of Persian Language and Literature in Kharazmi University /  Music teacher at Boys’ Music School  /  Founded Sanam Ensemble in 2001 / Authored more than 80 articles in music criticism and research / Director of “Another Generation” section in Fajr Music Festival 2014, 2013 2015  /  Head of Fajr Select Musicians Center in 2013 and 2014  /  Director of “Hafez and Music” Festival 2014 and “Attar and Music” Festival 2016  /  Director of the Research Section of the 32nd edition of Fajr Music Festival  /  Albums: “Ghadr-e Yar”, “Soulmate”, “Hearts of the Night”, “Till I can breathe… ”, and “Night of the Mirrors of the Light”

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Ardavan Jafarian

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Pardis Records

Music Producer, Composer ,Pianist and Director of: - Pardis Records Inc. (CANADA), Pardis Institute of Contemporary Music (IRAN) - Colophon Records (Belgium), Member of the Board. Graduated from Tehran Art and Architecture University, Official Member of ASCAP, SOCAN, PRS, IHM, Voted Member for Grammy Award, Intellectual Property Consultant of Ministry of Culture

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Sadreddin Hoseinkhani


Treasurer and Managing Director of IRANGAAM Records

Music Producer, Concert Promoter since 1990,

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Mahdi Kashi

Member of Board

Member of Board and Managing Director of Nay o Ney Records

- Managing director of the “Nayo Ney” Advertising Center, - Managing Director of the “Ritmeno” Portal and News Magazine, - Consultant at the “Naji Honar” Institute, - Art Director of the Institute “Rahe Zendegi”, - Music Director of the “Honar namaye Parsian” Institute, - The Executive manager of concerts like KITARO, SCHILLER Band and Ludovico Einaudi in Tehran. - Founder and Vice Chairman of the board ,the first Publishers Guild, - Member of the board of the Second Publishers Guild, - Member of House of Music

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