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Paris, 8 December 2021From 25 November to December 8 2021, members of the International Music Council gathered online for the organisation’s 39th General Assembly, elected a new leadership and adopted an ambitious work plan for the next two years.Alfons Karabuda (Sweden), composer and President of ECSA (European Composer & Songwriter Alliance) and SKAP (Swedish Association of Composers, Songwriters and Lyricists), was re-elected President.”Recent times has shown when some parts of our musical ecosystem are under serious threat; all parts are affected. May it be one of our five music rights or one geographic part of our world. We need a global overview, global expertise and our global network more than ever to stay resilient. I could think of no other organization in a better position than the International Music Council to address the flaws in our music infrastructure and to safeguard and promote true inclusiveness, quality, diversity and artistic freedom for all”, Alfons Karabuda says.Throughout the past two years, Mr. Karabuda has been a driving force within IMC’s Executive Board, dedicating himself to promote access to music for all and recognize the value of music in the lives of all people, while exploring new frontiers of collaboration between IMC and other global actors.The IMC General Assembly also elected a new Executive Board composed by Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon), Charles Binam Bikoi (Cameroon), Dorothy Conaghan (Ireland), Paul Dujardin (Belgium), Ardavan Jafarian (Iran), Jacques Moreau (France), Charles Sanders (USA), Christine Thomassen (Norway) and Sheila Woodward (South Africa/USA).Sheila Woodward will continue to serve as Executive Vice-President, joined by Charles Binam Bikoi and Roula Abou Baker as Vice-Presidents.The IMC work plan for the next two years foresees activities that will strengthen the IMC in its three pillars: as a value-driven advocacy body, as a network of networks and as a project organisation. IMC will upscale its action towards the advancement of its core values embedded in the 5 Music Rights.

The IMC World Forum on Music is conceived as an influential global platform for sharing knowledge about music and society in the 21st century, a platform that explores a variety of topics from different perspectives: cultural, political and economic. The topics go beyond the aesthetic aspects of music production and address the mechanisms that promote or inhibit the active participation of people in cultural experiences. A non-commercial initiative, the forum allows government officials, private sector leaders, operators, activists, academics and practitioners to engage in high-level interdisciplinary discussions and brainstorm together on guidelines for action. For the 6th edition of the Forum in 2019, the members of the IMC wished this edition to be held in Paris in honor of the 70th anniversary of the organization.This year's Forum will once again be an important opportunity for IMC members to meet and engage with colleagues from other areas to broaden their horizons and find inspiration for new projects, even partners for their implementation.In addition to members of IMC global network, the Forum will also be open to a broad audience of all those who work in music and those who are able to make decisions for better conditions in which music is celebrated - created, interpreted, disseminated, transmitted and learned, preserved, exchanged etc., all over the world.The General Assembly of the IMC, Annual Meeting of the EMC and other regional meetings will take place on the sidelines of the Forum, on September 27 and 28. .

IMC World Forum on Music


Behan Safavi died on May 13 aged 36 of apparent cancer. Today he is being farewelled by family, friends and thousands of fans at the SHAHIN SHAHR ISFAHAN and Tehran. Millions more have tuned in around the country to read the news. .

IPPG Official Condolence messages


IPPG Statement Against Iran Parliament Article to cut of 10% from live Events

IPPG Official Statement


IPPG Annual General Assembly will be held in IRAN Music Museum

Membership Card Delivery, Annual Report of IPPG

IPPG Annual Summit will be Held in Music Museum to present new Policies, Membership Card Delivery, website Presentation and talking about current Issues of Producers”


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On 10th Jan.2019, MUSICEMA Music Portal nominations will be announced, making dreams come true for artists and music creators across many genres, And while nominees will have to wait until the 5th MUSICEMA Awards air on MILAD Concert Hall and Tower. 10, 2019 for the final results, being nominated brings that year dream of winning MUSICEMA AWARD one huge step closer. For fans, the fun is in finding out if their favorite artists will get the chance to attach their names to the legacy of MUSICEMA AWARD winners.The Best Producer and The Best Concert Promoter will be selected by IPPG on behalf of MUSICEMA ”

EU Parliament Copyright Act Revision

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Today, songwriters and music creators around the world found their strongest ally, yet, in the fight to be paid for their creative works. Members of the European Parliament voted 438 to 226 to approve the EU Copyright Directive. According to the European Commission, the Directive is necessary to protect Europe’s cultural heritage and create a level playing field between big digital platforms and creators, publishers, broadcasters and artists. MCNA’s co-chairs -- songwriter Rick Carnes and composer Marvin Dolgay -- celebrated the progressive vote by issuing this statement: “This is a crucial step forward for the protection in Europe of the rights of North American music creators. It represents a landmark moment in one of the world’s most influential music markets, and one that we hope will be implemented in the EU and spur similar legislation around the world.”

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